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Routed Accessories

Drawer Fronts

DR 1.png
DR 2.png
DR 3.png
DR 4.png
  • DR 1 Supplied as a door.

  • DR 2,3 and 4 all have shared rails.

  • 500/600 Series drawers unavailable in DR 1.

  • Standard borders and rails are 60mm wide with a 3mm gap between drawers.

  • All drawer fronts can be customized to suit your needs.

Bar Panels

Bar 1.png
Bar 2.png
Bar 3.png
  • BAR 1 Has a single vertical centre rail.

  • BAR 2 Have double vertical centre rails.

  • BAR 3 Comes with a horizontal rail and is custom.

  • Standard borders and rails are 60mm wide with an optional kick.

  • All bar panels can be customized to suit your needs.

Pantry Doors

Pan 1.png
Pan 2.png
Pan 2V.png
Pan 3.png
Pan 4.png
  • PAN 1 Doesn't come with any horizontal rails.

  • PAN 2 Has a single horizontal rail and is the default option for pantry doors.

  • PAN 2V Have double horizontal rails that are divided by a v-groove.

  • PAN 3 Is a three face design that use double horizontal rails to divide each face.

  • PAN 4 Comes with a vertical centre rail and is available in all other door designs.

  • Standard borders and rails are 60mm wide with an optional kick and a 3mm gap between doors.

  • All pantry doors can be customized to suit your designs.

Glass Doors

No Rails.png

No Rail

Mid Rail.png

Mid Rail

Divide Rail.png

Centre Rail

Mid and Divide Rail.png

Centre+Mid Rail

Dual Mid Rail.png

2Mid Rail

Dual Mid and Divide Rail.png

Centre +2Mid Rail

  • Standard glazing bar are available in all of the series and the number of panels can be specified.


  • Available in 120mm, 600mm and 900mm

Cap Moulding


Colonial Capping


Bull Nose

  • We offer a variation of edge profiles to compliment the finished look of your doors.

Columns and Rosettes



2R Column.png
1R Column.png
0R Column.png

Columns with 0-2 Rosettes

  • Rosettes are only available in 60mm and 90mm

  • Rosettes can an be included in the Columns

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